Monday, September 12, 2016

Our House is on the Market

When you're living day to day in a home, you tend to overlook the little things. You know, like the baseboard by the entry that gets scuffed, the clutter that builds up on your counters, or the basement you've never really decorated. But when you're selling a house, those things become glaringly obvious. So along with building our Gateway House over the last several months, we've also been preparing our Concrete Cottage to sell. That and the fact that our realtor (who also works with our builder) wanted to put our home on the market at a specific time in the hopes that we can move directly from this one to the new one without renting something in between, means that now is finally the time! 

This past weekend it was listed on the MLS and we're in a constant state of cleaning up after ourselves to keep it show ready at a moments notice. I'm excited to finally be at this stage. I'm stressed no one will buy it and my dream home will sit 3 blocks away without me in it. But mostly I'm praying and having faith that God will send us the right buyer and everything will work out in his perfect timing! I've already had an example of that as he sent downpours of rain showers this weekend after I prayed for rain to fill our pond that had drained some due to evaporation so it would look beautiful for showings. Thank you God for our full pond! Sorry to those people in surrounding areas who got flooded!! Eeek! 

So without further ado, how about I show you the pictures of our home that were taken by the uber sweet photographer Julie Bath of Tobie Andrews Real Estate Photography. She was so kind to give me permission to share her photos on my blog, so you're definitely going to be seeing parts of this house you've never seen before and with wide angle shots as a bonus!

If you'd like to pray with me for our perfect buyer, I'd be ever so grateful! You might also include prayers for me to have patience, cuz I'm not so awesome at that.

I'll be back soon with updates on Gateway House. And of course I'll let you know when we have updates on our house selling fun!


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  1. What a beautiful home!! Where is it located? You may want to say in case someone knows a buyer in the area.


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