Friday, May 13, 2016

Gateway House - Big Beginnings

In my last few posts I spent a lot of time talking about plans and ideas for this new house we're building. I think it's about time I prove I'm not making it all up, and show you what we've got going so far.

That's it, right up there. It's messy, busy, huge, and covered in black right now, and it's going up fast. The black is a spray on weather proofing that you normally see on basement walls. It replaces the sheeting that's normally added to a framed house. I'm so looking forward siding, cuz the black is rough to look at. 

But let's back up and see where this started.

I'm pretty certain this is from the exact same perspective as the above picture. The house backs up to this little pond that's so pretty right now that things have turned green and the swans that live there have their babies. The shed by the pond is one the hubby had transported from his dad's house when he moved to Hospice. 

The basement hole dug. The beginning of construction. According to the date on my phone, this was around February 16th, give or take a few days as I'm gone at least 3 days a week for work and often miss seeing things on the day they happen.

Footing laid out...

Panels in place.

Since we only live about 2 blocks away, we frequently walk over with the puppy. He likes to refresh in the pond.

Beran Concrete hard at work pouring the basement.

Cruddy, late in the day pic from the back of the house after they stripped the basement.

There's the same black weather proofing.

This is a shot of the safe room. It's underneath the front garage and is separated into two rooms. One for storage, and one that will essentially be a man cave... the cave part is pretty literal.

The concrete floor will be the the finished product in the basement, so the lines are where they cut it to stop any cracks that might form.

The back side of our walk-out basement would traditionally be wood framing. But, seeing that this is The Concrete Cottage, and I'm married to Mr. Concrete, ours is done out of Insulated Concrete Forms, or ICF. Those white styrofoam forms stack up like Legos and are  then filled with concrete. The styrofoam acts as insulation and concrete obviously provides a very sturdy, and very thick wall.

This is what's laid over the top of the safe room that's under the garage. Concrete is then poured over it, and we can drive on it and use it like any regular garage.

The completed ICF walls.

Sebastian had a blast!

Framing begins, March 29th.
I'll leave you at this stage as I've got work to do in our current basement today. Paint and a backsplash so we can sell this bad boy. Promise I'll come back soon and walk through the framing stage. 
Have a great day peeps!!


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