Saturday, April 2, 2016

Gateway House - The Rest of the Plans

Howdy! I'm home again for a couple days from work, so thought I'd continue sharing our house plans. You saw the front elevation drawing in the last post, so here's the rest of the exterior drawings.
The basement is a full walk-out, and the fun little surprise I spoke about in the last post is the fact that it has two decks. We think we've decided that the mid level deck, that walks out from the living room/kitchen level, will be screened in to allow for eating and hanging out without the help of bugs eating our food and us. The top deck will only be accessible from the second floor, however I think a fireman's pole and a rope ladder could provide hours of enjoyment, but also quite possibly, trips to the ER... you can't have everything.

Here's a pic I like to stare at with double decks, not our plan at all, just for fun.

And finally, the side elevations.

And while we're on a roll, how 'bout the rest of the plans.

Starting with the basement.
As I said before, the basement won't be completely finished when we move in. The bedroom, which will be our son's, and bathroom will be finished and we'll decide much later when to complete it. 

Obviously it's a very open floor plan. I have more pics than you want to know of inspiration for this space. Especially the kitchen. Here's one of them, but I think it will require it's own post to do it justice.

That loft space over the garage may prove to be lots of fun. I love little surprise rooms with slanted ceilings.

Bahahahaha!! Just kidding. It won't look a thing like that, but what a pretty room!!

I don't have an exact plan for the loft family room, but I envision something cozy like this.

Next time I plan to start showing progress shots of the actual house. As of today, the basement and main floor are framed and they'll continue to the second floor next week. It's a bunch of wood and nails, but it's exciting to me.