Monday, March 28, 2016

Gateway House

Oh my Lord, it's been so long since I've posted, I'm not even sure I remember how to navigate my blog any more. There's no big mystery as to where I've been. I can sum it up in one word. LAZY!! I'm still travel nursing, so gone at least 3 days a week, and when I get home I'm just a straight up bum!! There've been several projects I've done around the house, but taking pics and writing about them have been beyond me. Plus, taking pics would mean I had to clean my house. And lets get real... I suck at that.

But, there's big things going on around here right now, so I thought I'd dust off the ol' Mac and share our big project.

Almost exactly a year ago, we were headed out of town for Spring Break, and instead of driving out of the neighborhood, the hubby drove in the opposite direction towards the new houses at the back of our neighborhood. He drove up over the curb and said "what do you think of this lot?" I said "It's got a Sold sign on it." His response: "Yeah, that's for us."
Ok, the hubs works in construction and he's friends with the builder here. So he didn't actually mean he'd bought a lot, but that the builder was holding it for us if we wanted it.

Fast forward one year and a zillion ideas, plans, dreams, Pinterest boards, boards, problems, redesigns, new plans, changed minds, on holds, and a different lot a few houses down the street later, and we currently have a basement poured for the new house we're building. I think I'm calling it Gateway House. Gateway's the street name, so I'm pretty original.

Some might say, and actually have, "but you just built your forever home 5 years ago". And you'd be right. Or we thought you were right. Turns out we live a bit differently in this house than we thought we would, and it's just not fitting the way we live now. There's a big family room in the basement with a huge TV and surround sound that was supposed to be where we hung out when we watched movies and hung out as a family. The hearth room/kitchen/dining room area upstairs was just supposed to be where we hung out individually and I watched a few shows on Netflix. Well 5 years later, we've discovered we do everything in the hearth room, and there's just not enough really comfy seating for a family of 5 to hang out as much as we do. We thought about remodeling, but since this house is made of all concrete walls, it just isn't feasible. Is this a good reason to build a new house? Well after much discussion, we've decided for us it is. Maybe we're crazy, but the great thing is, our crazy opinion is the only one that matters!

Oh, bonus. I get to design a whole new home, and this time, I know what my design style is. It makes me giddy and scared and excited and nervous all at the same time.

Alrighty. I've done a ton of talking now. I plan to show you guys the plans for our new house, the progress shots as the house goes up, some decorating and staging of our current house as it goes on the market, and some inspiration photos of the style I'm planning for Gateway House. I've still gotta get all the pics off my phone of the really exciting dirt hole that is our new home, so I might as well start off with some of the inspiration pics. 

I can guarantee that when we move in, I will still have many projects to do in order to make the house exactly how I dream it will be. Suffice it to say, these pics are inspiration not the exact design. My goal is a house that has the mood and feel of these pics. 
Trust me, DIY projects after move in day will be necessary in order for it to be affordable. As a matter of fact, a good portion of the basement will be unfinished when we move in. Oh, and we think that'll be some time in maybe October or November-ish. We shall see...

So without further ado, here's some inspiration. Let's think FARMHOUSE!!!!!!!

Is that enough? I've got hundreds of these and could spend hours looking at them!!
Anyway, questions? Fire away. I'll try to add more of the details and nitty gritty as the time comes. 

This is gonna be fun!!


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  1. IF (and that's a very BIG IF!) this is going to be your forever home, one thing you might want to consider is that you may wind up with a love/hate relationship with stairs. But I totally envy you the fun and nightmare of designing your own home. I can certainly give you all kinds of unsolicited and unwanted suggestions!


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