Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Gateway House - Front Elevation

I promised to show you the plans for Gateway House, so we'll start with the front elevation drawing. It's not the typical ranch style that is normally built in the mid-west, but we think it's gonna be right for us. It's difficult to tell from this straight on drawing, but it has a dual garage. The second garage is on the left and is side-load. Something the hubby always wanted. 

The house above is similar in style to ours, and if you're visual like me, it's easier on the brain than the 2D drawing.

The windows are one of the first things we had to order. I chose mostly single hung windows for the front of the house with grids in the top half. I believe they're referred to as Half Colonial. Like I mentioned in my last post, I'm in love with the farmhouse look, and though this plan isn't necessarily farmhouse, I want to incorporate as many of the things I love about that style that will be appropriate in this house. The half colonial windows are in almost every farmhouse picture I see, and they're also in the picture above, which makes me certain I'm on the right track.

For the exterior color, we're of two minds. I secretly hoped for white but knew the hubs probably would freak about that, so we started talking about grey with white trim, similar to the pics below. 

Not long into the planning though, we drove by a beautiful white house and it convinced him that I wasn't crazy. Fast forward several months of planning and I've totally fallen in love with my white house idea, and now he's starting to have second thoughts. I'm thinking it's time to drive by that white house again. 

Anyway, it's not decided. We do know that the bottom will have a red brick, but that's all that's settled for now.

Another decision in front of us refers to the part highlighted below.
It's most likely going to be a metal roof accent, and we have to choose what color to use. I'm a fan of a very light grey, but if the house ends up being grey, then it'll blend right in.

The other option is a darker grey. I like them both, but am really leaning towards the lighter one. But of course that's probably because I like the white house. And now I'm beginning to sound like a broken record.

The other things we're pretty certain we've decided on are things like lighting, windows in the garage doors, and some of the siding options. See, we can make some decisions without much fuss. 

This house is a pretty good example of the straight siding and board and batten look we're incorporating.

And probably some shake-look shingles similar to these will be thrown in there too.

And I adore these gooseneck lights over the garages in leu of the standard carriage lights flanking them. This is also a good example of the red brick around the base of the house.

The garage door windows will probably be similar to these.

I'll share about the back of the house later. I can guarantee it's not as detailed as the front, but it does have at least one fun little surprise.

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