Thursday, September 4, 2014

How to Change a Printable to Match Your Decor

Hey guys!

I hope you all had fun perusing through all the decor and Printables on our Fall Vignette Tour this week. I've been busy doing my "3 in a row". Meaning this is my week to work 3 twelve hour shifts in a row at the hospital in 3 days. When I do this, I get nothing else done but work and sleep. I've basically been a work zombie since Monday evening. I haven't even had a chance to make it to most of the other blogs in the tour to check out there posts. I'm looking forward to a few days off and some alone time with my iPad!!

I promised you in my last post that I would share how to change the color of your printables to match your decor. I'm pretty sure this will work best on prints that have two main colors, but I'll show you how to it's done and then the sky's the limit. Play and see what you come up with.

Start by heading to Go to the Edit button and upload the print you're working with. 

Once your print's loaded, click on the Magic Wand icon on the left. If you hover your mouse over it, it says "Effects". I've pointed to it with the blue arrow.

I don't have the paid subscription to PicMonkey. (as you can probably tell by the McDonald's add at the bottom of the pic) This entire effect can be done with the FREE version of PicMonkey.

The Effects tab will bring up a ton of options to choose from.

Scroll down to Warhol effect and select.

The effect will automatically change your print to it's default colors of brown and blue.
But now is the time to have some fun. 

Click on the color boxes under First and Second, and play till you find the color that suits you.

I've never had a need to mess with the Brightness, Contrast or Fade, on this effect. But again, play if you want. 

You can see below all the color options immediately available. If you know the color number of a specific color, that can be entered as well.

And that's it guys!

Change it up till you find a combination you like and click apply.

Save your print and enjoy!!


I also thought you might like to see how I highlighted the word "Luster" in the printable below.

Open your print in Warhol like I showed you above. As I said, it'll be automatically changed to blue and brown. Change the background back to white, and the lettering to whatever color you've chosen for the accent word. For this print, I changed the lettering to tan.

Click on the Paint Brush button which will bring up the Paint box. You'll want to move all the Brush settings to 100 and select the Original box. Depending on the size of your print, you can adjust the Brush Size smaller than 100, but that worked well for this print.

Run your mouse over all the lettering except the area or word you'd like to accent. By having it set to Original, you are removing the color, or effect, you just added and uncovering the original print.

When the print is accented to your liking, it's done.
Another option is to reverse the effect by clicking the "Reverse effect" box at the bottom of the Paint box.

If any of you use this to change the printables I've offered, make sure to send me a pic. I'd love to see how you use them in your decor and what colors your imaginations come up with.


Thanks so much for your comments. I read, and very much appreciate, every one of them!