Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Simple Autumn Vignette & Free Printable

First, I have to say that holiday decorating isn't naturally my thing. Don't get me wrong, I always decorate for Christmas, but that's about it. It's not that I don't have a desire to decorate for the other holidays, but I work full-time. I might also be one of the world's slowest decorators. These things tend to put a damper on changing my decor every other month.

That being said, when Kristen of the fabulous Ella Claire blog asked me to be a part of her Fall Vignette Tour, I decided it was time I branched out of my comfort zone. I mean, one just simply does not say NO to Kristen!!

So I've done a little decorating for Fall.

Since I obviously don't have a lot of Fall decor, I wanted to make decorating as simple, and cheap, as possible. By using items I already owned, moving some things around and adding a few simple touches, I was able to create a slightly non-traditional Fall vignette.

This is a pic I posted to Instagram a while back. It shows how this area started out, dust and all!

And here it is decorated for Fall.

My only purchase was a few feathers from Hobby Lobby. Everything else I already had. Including the glitter which ended up getting poured on everything I could make sit still.  

I created the Harmony in Autumn printable, and knew it needed to be the same size as my "This Is The Good Stuff" sign you see in the Instagram pic above. Anything smaller would be dwarfed by my existing mirror. In fact, I really wanted to use the same frame.

The answer was simple. I had it printed off the same size as my sign, (the sign dimensions are too big for my home printer) laid the printed paper directly on top of the sign, cut off the excess so it would fit inside the wooden frame, and used double sided tape to secure it in place. When Autumn is over, I'll just peel off the tape to reveal my original sign. 

My daughter came home and asked if I'd made a new sign. You really can't tell it's just paper taped in place!

Mr. Concrete is thrilled to have his antlers displayed.
I told him as long as I could add some gold leafing, I'd hang up pretty much anything.

If you'd like to download the print I used in this vignette, I've got a few options available to you. 

Click here to download Autumn Sky ("Luster" accent)

Just click on the Down Arrow located at the top right of the screen that opens.

Click here to download Autumn Sky (black)

Click Here to download Autumn Sky (white)

Click here to download Autumnn Sky (watercolor)

For some reason, the watercolor print looks like it has a cream background. It's actually pure white, FYI.

I'll be back later in the week to share a way you guys can change the color of these, or pretty much any, printable to match your decor. It's easy and totally free, so make sure to come back for that. 
(That post is now live, check out how to Change the Color of a Printable here!)

I hope todays post has been a help to those of you who might be a bit like me and don't have this holiday decorating thing down to a science. Adding just a few simple items to what you already have can completely change the look of your home whether you're decorating for Fall, or any time of the year!


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  1. I love this and the fact that you are generously sharing with us, but I am also not the brightest I think. At first I thought the word was glitter but now that I look at it it looks like QUSTER. What am I reading wrong???

    1. Well, now that you say it, it's completely obvious. All I could see for the L was a capital Q. I love it tho, so thanks for giving it to us.

  2. Love the print, Jeannine!!! So pretty! And the feathers are a great fall touch in your vignette! xo

  3. So fun! Love this display and the printable! Great job, chica!

  4. Love your vignette! Swooning over your style. And your printable is stunning!

  5. Jeanine, your whole vignette is so pretty! I love it! And what an awesome printable!

  6. TOTALLY love it, the glitter is soo fun!

  7. Oh my goodness! I am so in love with all of this!! And the print is AWESOME!!

  8. That is a smart trick with your sign, lol! Seriously loving your house, so pretty!

  9. Beautiful! Love your sign -- pinning! XO, Aimee


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