Sunday, March 2, 2014

Dining Room Restyle

So far…

There have been some definite changes to our dining area recently, and I thought it was about time I shared with you all. This won't really be a before and after, but more of a before and during. Here goes...

We built this house 3 years ago. At that time, I was still working with the idea that I loved brown walls. They were warm and cozy and basically a neutral. Unfortunately, within six months of moving in, I started to have an infatuation with white. Blame the blogs and decor sights I was finding on Pinterest, or blame {which I adore}. Whatever the reason, a backdrop of clean, white walls currently has me hooked.

This Christmas "before" picture shows some of the basic things that have changed in the last few months.

~Brown walls to white. They went from Valspar's Cafe Ole to Valspar's Caribbean Walk.

~Switched out the round table to the rectangle shape. {The round worked ok, but we decided we were wasting a lot of space in the middle of the table.} The new one was a clearance find from World Market. The surface is very rough and was a challenge to clean when we first got it, so I'm guessing that's why it was discontinued. Now I just spray it down with some 409 and use a rough nylon bristle brush to make sure all the nooks and crannies are clean.

~Mr. Concrete bought me a new and bigger chandelier for Christmas from Nebraska Furniture Mart. It fits the space much better!

~The hand painted drop cloth curtains are going to find a new home in the basement. I replaced them with the Celeste Damask Drapes in gold from Pottery Barn.

~And lastly, we're slowly changing out the chairs. Both the Parson's chairs and the tufted bench came from World Market. 

Although this area has come a long way, I still have a wish list for it.

I've got my eye out for the perfect bench to replace those two ladder back chairs. They're the last of the chairs that go with the round table, and they need to join their friends down in the basement. I'm hoping a bench will enable us to fit 3 people down that side of the table. 

Also on the list is some kind of window treatment in the bay area. I knew this area needed something when I ordered the Pottery Barn curtains, but also knew I didn't want to have the exact same thing. I'm debating whether to do a solid color relaxed roman shade, or long drapes. I'm leaning towards the roman shade, but only time will tell. 

My last pie in the sky dream for the walls is to plank them. I haven't got Mr. Concrete totally convinced yet, but I think I'm wearing him down. I just keep looking at the pic below, drooling and giving him the sad puppy-dog eyes.

And I guess while I'm wearing him down, I want the beams, the lights over the cabinets and let's go for broke… I wanna paint my upper cabinets white too.
Not asking for much here I know.