Saturday, February 15, 2014

It's all in the Details

Popping in today to share a project my daughter completed for school recently, and one that I thought turned out pretty fantastic! 

Her assignment was to pick a photo of a person and copy it down to the smallest detail. The better the copy, the better the grade. They were given some leeway in the background of the photo, as not everyone lives by say, the ocean or the mountains, but other than that, it needed to be as accurate as possible. 

She chose a photo, shopped for clothing and asked me to be photographer.

The most challenging part of the shoot had to be the fact that Taylor Swift is 5' 10" and my Morgan is 5' 1". Try leaning at the same angle with your elbows straight, on tip toes and hips facing just so when there's a NINE inch difference in height! Challenging, yes. But I think she did amazing. Especially considering this was mid-January, the wind was gusting and it was barely 40 degrees. 

She's hoping to receive her grade next week. I'm pretty confident she'll be getting an "A".


  1. How fun! She posed beautifully and you took a great photograph.

  2. I think they look like twins. Beautiful picture copy.


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