Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Personalize a Store-Bought Lamp in Less than 5 Minutes

Earlier this week I got off my lazy butt and finally showed you my Craft Room Reveal. {in all actuality, I spent a long time on my lazy butt writing that post, but you get my meaning}
I knew from the onset of putting the room together, that once I had a desk to work at, I was absolutely gonna want some task lighting. To be specific, a lamp.

I swear to you people that before starting this blog, I never even thought about lamps.
Really, I didn't.
Now though, if you scroll down and look to the right, you'll see that my two most popular posts are about lamps. I think I've blogged about lamps at least 3 times and now here comes a fourth.

About the time I really started thinking about purchasing a lamp for my craft room, wouldn't you know it, I got lucky. contacted me and asked if I'd be interested in receiving one of their lamps in exchange for telling you all about it on my blog.
Uh, yeah. That took about 0.2 seconds to contemplate and come up with a "yes"!

I went hunting through their site, and found the perfect one!

The Oscar Table Lamp. I chose mine in the Soy color, topped off with the Kimono Lamp Shade.

I crossed my fingers it would look as good as I hoped. I was really torn about the color of the lamp base since they had a blue option I almost went with but decided against at the last minute. When it came, I knew I'd made the right choice. The blue would have added just enough of the same color to be too much. And, if I ever change my mind about blue as an accent color, I don't have to worry about repainting a lamp base.

Although I loved the lamp when it came, I'm a DIY'er and apparently can't leave well enough alone.

I had the cross necklace hanging on my cork board, and one day had a hint of inspiration to throw it on the lamp. 
Once that was done, well… 
I thought the shade could maybe use a little bling of it's own. See where I'm headed here?

In my newly organized cabinets, I found a roll of glitter tape I had no recollection of buying. But it was perfect. 
Perfect width, perfect color, perfect bling. It even had the exact amount on the roll to cover the top and bottom of the shade perfectly.
It was only later that day as I was crowing to my daughter about how fast and simple the little make-over was that she informed me the glitter tape was hers.


Guess I owe my blondie a trip to Michael's.

And it wouldn't be right to leave you today without showing you this little lamp at night.

Oh… and one more thing.
You can see in the pics that I have a plug in right there on the left. Unfortunately, I didn't want to plug the lamp in on that side, so I had to decide how to get the cord down the right side of the desk, across the floor and back behind the washer.

I found the quick and easy answer in my drawer. Command adhesive strips. I used these small ones cut in half lengthwise to keep the cord laying flat against the wall.

Worked like a charm so I thought you'd wanna know. :)

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Disclosure: I was compensated for this post by in the form of a free lamp. All opinions,  and extra sparkly bling are my own. Like I said, I just can't help myself.

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