Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Removing Wrinkles from a Cowhide Rug

Hello again!
My goodness, was November a whirlwind or what? With our trip to New York {which was amazing by the way, still trying to decide which of the umpteen photos I took to share with you all} the Thanksgiving holiday and lots of hospital work hours, it just seemed to disappear.

I hope you all had a fabulous holiday though. I know we did!

We also decided to be crazy people and trek the 2.5 hours to Kansas City at 3 a.m. to go Black Friday shopping.

The first deal we found was this wonderful cowhide rug for $99. They were originally $300, advertised for $150, and somehow when we got there it was marked down even further!

Love it!
What I didn't love though, were the fold lines/wrinkles that were all over it when we brought it home. 

Now I'm sure given time, these wrinkles would go away on their own, but I'm impatient. Plus, I ordered a coffee table on Cyber Monday for this spot and I can't wait to see everything all put together. Sans wrinkles!

So what's a girl to do? Google for a solution.

There seemed to be only one option repeated on every sight I found for removing the wrinkles:
Lay a towel down to protect your floor, lay the rug on top of it, lay a wet {but not dripping} towel on top of that, and iron, hottest setting. 

What I wanted to do today though, is share with you a few tricks I found that made the technique work better.

The number one tip: Turn that baby over!
I started by ironing on the "hairy" side and found that it was taking forever. I decided to flip it over and iron on the "leather" side. It worked so much better!
After giving the "leather" side a good ironing, I flipped it back over and ironed again on the "hairy" side. 

Depending on how the rug was folded, you'll have wrinkles that either face up towards the "hairy" side, or face down towards the "leather" side. I found I definitely had to spend more time on whichever side the wrinkle faced up. Even if the wrinkle faces up on the "hairy" side though, it's still extremely helpful to start on the "leather" side first. 

The last thing I found was that in several of the places where my wrinkles had been removed, the hair in that spot still looked like there was a wrinkle, even though it was flat, weird.
All I had to do was lay my wet towel over the spot and move the towel and iron in the direction the hair should be going. It seemed to help the hairs lay in their original place and made the "wrinkle look" disappear.

It's not a perfect solution since I can still see some of the wrinkle lines depending on lighting and the direction I'm looking, but my rug does look a ton better.

Oh, and I should introduce you to a new member of our family.

Meet Reedus.
He matches the rug.
Our English Bulldog, Dozer, died this summer and the kids {and Mr. Concrete for that matter} have been nagging me to get a new pet. Reedus was the compromise since cats are a bit easier to deal with than puppies. 
He's a four month old Persian Kitty and he's a handful, but so lovable. 
If you wanna see more of the little guy, I've been putting pics on my Instagram feed.
One last pic before I go...
This is one of the other Black Friday deals I was thrilled to find.
Mr. Concrete and I have been checking out these Teramo curtains from Crate and Barrel each time we visit Kansas City, and they were finally on sale. They came in yesterday, and I'm loving how they look in our master bedroom. 

This is just a quick pic from my iPhone. I'll share more one of these days when the room is closer to done. 

And please tell me it's not that obvious that one side of the curtain rod is a 1/2" higher than the other.

I seem to be measuring tape challenged.

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  1. Hi Reedus!!! I don't notice the curtains at all from that shot. Now if I were to go in there and really examine...NAH, not worth it!

  2. Great tips! Thanks for joining our Twirl and Take a Bow Party! Hope to see you again next week!

  3. I really enjoyed this post..I am thinking about getting a cowhide myself and actually just blogged about it. I would like to ask you how is the cowhide working on the carpet? Is it sliding around a lot? Your newest follower via Bloglovin.....
    here is a link to the post I was referring to if you want to take a snoop...christine from Little Brags


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