Sunday, October 27, 2013

Painted Cork Board

Laundry / Craft Room Makeover ~ Part 2

Things are coming along in my craft room. I've called it a laundry room ever since we moved in two years ago, but that's slowly been changing.
Over the past few months it's truly becoming a craft room that just happens to house the washer and dryer. 
I'm loving it!

One of the things I knew would end up in this space was the cork board that used to be in our garage entryway. It needed a wee bit of a makeover to fit in with this fun new space, so that's what it got.

Here's the before of this little board I found at Hobby Lobby a year or so ago...

The during... with a stencil I made using my Silhouette and cut out of Contact paper. If you recognize the pattern, it's probably cuz you've seen it on this amazing floor.

And the after...

I'm. In. Love.

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