Monday, October 28, 2013

Oh, decisions...

They say that picking the right WHITE paint color is one of the hardest colors to choose.
They {whoever those pesky people are} would be right!!

The brown that I thought would be perfect on EVERY. WALL. WE. OWN. when we moved in, well, isn't.
I want light and bright and I'm finally gonna get it. But that means I have to choose the "perfect" white, and that's not as easy as it sounds.

Bear in mind that it's overcast and foggy so this pic probably doesn't represent the colors exactly true, but here they are.
1. Cliveden Mist 6007-1A 
2. Caribbean Walk 7003-5
3. Cooper Melon 7003-2
4. Honeymilk 7003-4 

My current thoughts go something like this...
#1 has more grey undertones which probably won't work with my current baseboards, cabinetry, etc. {plus my Kylie thinks it has pink undertones, eek}
#2 is a nice mixture between 3 and 4, somewhat similar to 1, but without the grey.
#3 is a front runner with the family and was the closest thing I could find to Benjamin Moores Bone White {a.k.a. Natural Wicker}, and was what I originally really thought I wanted. But now I'm wondering, too dark and creamy?
#4 I love Honeymilk. We're painting the deck this color. It's the perfect warm white. But in this space, it may be just a bit too bright...???


Anyway. I'm gonna live with it for a few days and make a decision. Or should I say, the family will live with it and I'm gonna go to work and then drive two 17 year olds to Kansas City for a concert cuz it's just not OK for them to go on their own no matter how old they think they might be! {are ya feelin' me here people?}
Either way, the painting has begun and it's about time!!

Any thoughts and opinions y'all have would be warmly welcomed!!


  1. Love your blog! Just wanted to throw in another option! We just painted a house for a client with Pointing by farrow and ball... Matched at Benjamin Moore.... It changed my life! Haha seriously it's a beautiful white!

    1. Thanks Lindsay! Did some online looking at Pointing. Does it read yellow? I also read that it's very similar to BM Mascarpone. Know anything about the similarities?

  2. You mentioned that number 3 is like BM Bone White. I have that on every wall and ceiling. Once you paint the room, it's a lot lighter than the sample. I like to paint a poster board and move it around the room. Good luck!

    1. Thanks Susie! Great to hear from someone who actually has the paint on their walls!! I've heard of the poster board thing but had forgotten about it. Great tip!!
      ~ Jeannine


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