Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Meet my Linen Chesterfield

It's come to my attention, that unless you follow me on facebook, there's about a 100% chance that you've never seen my new, {a few months old} couch/sofa/whatever you call it in your neck of the woods. 
It's my favoritist couch ever. 
Say hello to the Linen Chesterfield.

{heard as a chorus of angels singing, vs someone screaming for their life

It's a replica of one that Restoration Hardware sells for around one million dollars.
Or something close to that. 
We got ours at Nebraska Furniture Mart {they call it a cigar couch. i will murder the person who smokes a cigar on this couch} for slightly less than one million dollars.

Now lets look at the beautiful tufting.

It makes me sigh.

I will also murder the first dog who jumps on it.
Maybe not murder.
But yell really loudly as to scare away the offending beast. 
Pesky little Schnauzer. {i jest. it's really the kids I have to watch out for}

It's so long that I may have to take pictures from the deck so you can see it straight on.
I'll try that next time.

Now to paint the excessively brown wall behind it, add some artwork to the aforementioned excessively blank wall and locate the perfect bench/coffee table to grace the empty area in front of it.

But for now...

I'm just enjoying the most perfect couch ever!!

I'd invite you over for a cup of coffee while we lounge on it together, but I'm a little afraid I might spill.


  1. I didn't even sit on your beautiful couch this weekend...dang it!!!

  2. Oh boy... I have been DREAMING and longing for a new sofa... my husband tends to fall asleep on ours and he still likes it but it's MORE THAN 32 years OLD. I just want the thing outta here. I get the feeling this sofa would please him and he would forgive me for burning the old one!!! It does look cushy.. how deep are those seats, anyway? they look like they would please ME!

    1. I'm not sure how deep they are, but I can lay down on it very comfortably. In fact, it's long enough that when I lay down there's still an entire cushion left for someone else to sit on. We love it!!
      ~ Jeannine


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