Tuesday, September 24, 2013

It Doesn't Have to be Perfect to be Beautiful

I stole that title.
If you recognize it, it's probably because you've heard read The Nester say it.
Absolutely, hands down, my favorite blog.
Love her style, love her house, love her beautiful spirit!

Nester's mantra, and title to this post, was probably one of the main reasons I finally started decorating my house after a year with bare walls.
It sunk in that even if it wasn't the "perfect" item, it could still be beautiful.
And odds are, it might even become "perfect" once it's gracing the walls.

So as I was standing in my kitchen moments ago, fixing my coffee and watching the sun stream in {have I mentioned how much I love not working traditional hours anymore?}
I realized that I haven't been showing you full shots of my house.
Because I don't have it "perfect" yet.

I'm a slow learner sometimes y'all.

I busted out the camera while my coffee sat, waiting for the milk I'd just left on the counter, and shot this photo.

The walls are too brown, the bread bowl is empty, the clutter from the newly {think at least a month ago} restyled bookshelves is still on the floor, the lamp needs a different shade, the window mouldings need beefing up and it's still beautiful.

I've assumed no one wants to see my space unless it's Pinterest ready.
Well maybe it's already there to some people.
I've been short changing you guys by forgetting that I go to blogs to see their lives, their progress and their failures, not only their beautiful reveals.

So here's to my house, and to you guys.
I'm trusting that you'll still love me even when you find out I can't remember the last time I dusted, and that the funky shaped bean bag looking thing there is actually a globe of the world. 
Tacky, but the hubs and kids love it.


  1. Thanks for the reminder...I've been procrastinating decorating my home until I find "just the right things" as well...I need to just get on with it!

    1. I hear ya Abby! I don't know why we do this, but it's tons of fun to finally get to it! Here's to both of us no longer procrastinating!

      ~ Jeannine

  2. I love it. It's always so comfy and Christmas is a blast in that living room!!!

  3. I love it...it looks like "home" and comfy and beautiful. After all, what is perfect other than that? - Revis

  4. Hi Jeanine,
    Thanks for stopping in and leaving me a fun comment. Maybe I will graduate to having a little wine while Annie Sloaning one day--right now I am still in the 'stay completely sober' stage!! ha ha
    Love your blog---L.O.V.E. your sense of humor. I am a nurse as well! Sooooo I scrolled down and saw your pic of the black paint mishap! Whoa what a mess. I hope your room and silhouette machine have recovered!
    I'll be stopping in frequently to keep up with your shenanigans.


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