Friday, August 9, 2013

Instagramming... and then some

I've been going a little bit crazy on Instagram the past two days.
And by "a little crazy," I really mean just straight up berserk.
It's bad.
To the point I should be apologizing to my 4 followers bad. 
Ok, fine, I have more than 4 followers.  {pretty sure it's maybe 34}
Not the point.
They just all deserve some restitution, so...

In my defense, I do have something to blame a reason for uploading pics like a fool.

I have an idea in my head to revamp my damask screen door a bit. {if you're not familiar with that one, you can find it HERE} 
Well to do that, I need to have a few photos.
Not just any photos.
I need those little fun square ones of course!

So I headed to my Instagram feed, and what did I find?
Not much.

I've had an account for quite a while now, {Nov. 2011 apparently, I just looked} but very rarely do anything with it.
Well that all changed yesterday.

I found this amazing app via Shelley at The House of Smith's called Rhonna Designs.
It allows you to add some really fun elements to your pics then save them to your iPhone/iPad photo stream, or upload to Instagram.

Obviously, I've been uploading.

My intent was to use Prinstagram to print out the photos I need.
You can print 24 4x4" square pics for $12, or 48 2.5x2.5" mini squares for the same price, plus $7 shipping {shipping stays the same no matter how much you order}.
The pics do have to be uploaded to Instagram though.
Or so I thought. 

I'm not sure why, but I finally scrolled all the way to the bottom of the Prinstagram main page and discovered Print Studio.
It's an app {or website, whichever you prefer} that allows you to print your photos that haven't been uploaded to Instagram.

Yes, please!

Same little squares, the shipping is actually a dollar cheaper and BONUS, it's not necessary for me to blow up everyone's Instagram feed with all the old pics I want to print.

Now all I need to do is pick out my photos, upload, then wait for the mail!

This would be so much easier if I wasn't impatient!!

Maybe I should add that I have NOT been compensated in any way for sharing the links to these sights. I just thought you might like to know about some of the fun products I found!

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  1. Cool...I'll have to get that app when I get enough $$ in my iTunes account.


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