Monday, August 5, 2013

Hide those Bedside Cords in a Pretty Basket

Well Hi!

It's been a long rainy few days here in the midwest. {not griping, just stating a fact}

This morning though, the sun is shining.

Now I'm not gonna lie, that can be a bad thing for us night shifters. 
We like it dark and gloomy.

But today isn't a "sleep all day" day for me, so I decided to use the sunshine to take a couple of pics.

We've been working on doing some updates in our bedroom. 
I showed you a bit of that in my last post, and if you follow me on facebook, then you might've seen the little delivery we had last month. {We got a headboard from Pottery Barn. Still pinching myself!}
Since it's starting to look a little more put together in there, there was something that really began to bug me. 

See all those cords in this dusty, dirty, cluttered, horrible before photo of my night stand?

Those were the problem.

Some of them I could move to a better location and be done with them.
Others, well I kind of needed them.

My biggest problem though, was that extension cord you see there on the right.
I use it to charge the iPad and iPhone, and it's just absolutely gotta be there.
So what's a girl to do?

Buy a basket with a 40% off coupon from Hobby Lobby.

You saw it didn't you? 

There it is.
And here's what it's doing.

Yep, it's hiding my extension cord and charger when not in use.
Plus, it looks pretty darn good when it is being used.
Wanna see?

Instead of the cord flopping all over, it's nicely contained.
Unless I wanna read in bed while charging.
Then it's draped all over me and Mr. Concrete is fussing about the screen being too bright while he tries to sleep, yada yada yada...

Moving on.

It was a simple matter of shoving the small end of the extension cord through the bottom weave of the basket.
I don't think I cussed even once during the process.
Well maybe just once.

No, I jest.

It really was easy.

So there it is.
No more messy cords.

Any simple fixes you've all found to make your lives a tad easier?
Love to hear 'em!


  1. just gave me an idea for my cords, and for the first time it's not the same thing!!! It's so hard on the pride when your inspiration is you LITTLE sis!!!

  2. My husband keeps his cords in the tv area...and on Saturday I got a basket and did the same thing. It must have been a "cord" hiding weekend for some of us!! Looks so much neater, doesn't it. Love the white table! - Revis

  3. Hmmmm....I have cords from my printer, wireless internet boxes, my laptop charger, a radio & a lamp on my desk and they are all plugged into a surge protector sitting on the floor. I have a basket (the cat likes to sleep in) that I use to try to hide the mass of wires. Solution!! Dump the cat out & put the wires in! Thanks!! PS Don't worry about kitty, he has plenty of other baskets around the house :)

  4. What's that lamp? :) It's very pretty!


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