Thursday, July 11, 2013

Oh, I've been wanting one of these!

There's a little house that's sits just off an intersection about a mile from my house.
Several times a week, I sit at that intersection and just stare at their yard.
There's nothing overly special about this particular yard, except that for the past several months it's been covered in wood.
Wood that's for sale.
And not just any wood.

Tree stumps!

And I've been sooooo wanting a tree stump!

Some of you will understand that.
Some of you will think I'm nuts. {it's possible you could be right}

Well this past weekend, after months of lurking and wishing I knew their prices, I finally just stopped and asked.

"$10 for the little ones, and $20 for the big ones." was all I needed to hear.

My immediate response... "I'll take 2!"

I bought two of the "small" stumps for a grand total of $20. {the "large" stumps were HUGE!!}

Tree stump end tables are selling at West Elm for $200!

Needless to say, I'm happy with my purchase price.

This stump measures 24" tall and is 15" in diameter. 
The other was a bit taller {we cut it down to about 20"} and 13" in diameter.
I plan to use this one just as it is, right here on my deck.
The other one is also sitting on the deck {making sure we're bug free} but will eventually make its way to my bedroom and get an added finish. 
I'll show you when it's done, promise.

Oh, and speaking of my deck.
We've done several fun little projects out there this summer which I plan to show you soon.
It's not what I'd call "finished" yet, but it sure is starting to feel cozy!

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  1. What a great deal - and they look fantastic!
    And yeah you're nuts - but that's why we blog right?
    To be surrounded by all the other nutcases like outselves lol

  2. I have a love for tree stumps looks great and what a great price!


  3. Very cool. I have been wanted to do that. I just spoke to my dad this morning telling him about this, he is on a mission to dig out a cedar tree from my papaw's burn pile (they live in the country) and cut me a few sections. Can't wait!

  4. this is gorgeous! i've been wanting one with the top stained gold and a dark finish on the base, but the natural looks gorgeous too

  5. Cute! I have a few stumps 'curing' around here... waiting to get onto turning it into a fab little table like this. Love it!

  6. Lucky you! From what I can see, it looks great as a little side table. Can't wait to see what you do with the other one. Have a great day!


  7. WHERE ARE YOU! I NEED SOME! ahaha... But seriously, if you're anywhere nearby I'll be making the drive. Yours are beautiful natural, I can't wait to see what you do with the other one though. I would love to make them metallic but I'm sure there's a lot of work involved with doing that (what with loose wood, bark, and whatnot)... I cannot wait to see the other one!

    1. Metallic could be fun!! I'm in Kansas. If you're anywhere close to that, let me know, I'll share! :)

      ~ Jeannine

  8. DId you do anything to treat it or make sure the bugs were out of it? If so, what did you use?

    1. I haven't treated it yet, that's why I've just left it on the deck {which is concrete so I don't worry about wood bugs}. I've read that you can put them in a thick trash bag, set a bug bomb off inside the bag and seal it up tight. I may try that, or just douse it with bug killer and seal it with outdoor paint. Hope some of that helps, and thanks for stopping by!!
      ~ Jeannine


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