Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I've Probably Lost My Mind...

Since we last chatted, I've started something new.

Not a venture like the one we talked about HERE
But a venture where most people who know me think I'm crazy... like totally bonkers, lost it, kinda crazy. 

And I gotta admit, they're all probably right!

Diaper Wreath with Pennant Banner, Baby Blanket & Baby Shoes

I don't talk much about my day job.
I've mentioned a few times that I'm a nurse.
But we're normally all talk about paint and craftiness, and it just doesn't come up.

Craft Paper Lined Baby Shoes
Well a nurse I am.

An office nurse.

And this last weekend I went completely crazy and returned to my roots.Back to the hospital and my old unit, Labor & Delivery.

Craft Paper and Clothes Pins

And what makes that all the way NuTS?

Well it's gotta be the fact that I didn't quit my full time day job.

~ I'm working 2 jobs. ~

So far I'm exhausted but having fun!

Paper Pinwheels!

Why, you might ask, am I sharing all this with you?
Well for one, it's just a big deal in my life so why not share it with my lovelies here.

And two... I thought I'd warn you that my already inconsistent blogging could likely get worse.

I'm still doing lots of projects {I've actually got several I just haven't photographed yet that I still need to share} and I plan to continue doing lots of 'em.

Yummy Pretzel, Kisses/Rolo's & M&M snacks... here's the Recipe!

With all that said...
I'm really kinda hoping you all will hang in there while I work in the office, help deliver babies in the hospital and, in my bit of downtime, blog about all my home projects that I love doing so much!


The pictures I've thrown in here today are from the baby shower I told you about in my last post.

We hostesses were required to "not go all out" by the Mommy-To-Be, so the majority of the decor is just stuff we reused from previous showers.
{these friends of mine have a lotta babies... we do a lotta showers!}

We all had a blast.

And I'm tellin' ya, I wish I could send each and every one of you one of these strawberry cupcakes!
They were heavenly!!


  1. Wow - you have way more energy than I do - LOL! Good for you though sharing your nursing talent and knowledge!

  2. Wow! Working TWO jobs sounds incredibly difficult! I hope that you will enjoy it and still have time for life after work! I am completely inspired by you... I always admire people that work at a job AND work at home doing housework. You have lot on your plate and I wish you the best with time management and hope to see you on the blog ;)) -Mika
    P.S. yes, please do share those lovely cupcakes! YUM!

  3. Neener... I'm SOOOO excited about having you back... a little terrified for you with the whole 2 jobs thing... but ecstatic at the opportunity to spend more time with you! I heart you lady! SMOOCHES!

  4. You go girl! I can't imagine how you still find the energy to blog every now and then. Because let's not forget that being wife and mom are jobs too. The shower was awesome. If that's not going all out, I can't imagine what is!


  5. Where did you get the lemonade pitcher thingie? I love it? Place and price please...maybe even link?

    1. I'm sorry Melissa, the pitcher isn't mine so I'm not sure where it was bought or for how much. I do, however, have a similar one myself that I bought at Sam's Club. I've also seen several recently at Bed, Bath and Beyond, World Market and just today at Kirkland's. Most of those were between $20 and $30.
      Hope that might help a bit!

      ~ Jeannine

    2. Hi Melissa, me again. Don't know if you'll see this, but I just foun the glass jar at Target for 24.49!


      Just thought you might like to know.

      ~ Jeannine


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