Saturday, March 9, 2013

It's "Drool~Worthy"

How about trying something new today?

You up for it??

No need to get stressed about it!

Ok, if you must stress, I'll take a moment to pause while you go grab a glass of wine...


...still pausing...

...I can give lessons on how to use a corkscrew if necessary...

Ok, settle in.

Take a sip.   {if it's Moscato you're sipping, I may force you to share. Just sayin'...}

Here's a few of the things around the interwebs that've been making me DROOL lately.

Just thought I'd share!

You have to check out the photographers blog too, Abby Grace Photography. This pic is from a Harry Potter Wedding photo-shoot. Every single pic is AMAZING!!


  1. Yes, wiping the drool off my mouth....VERY drool worthy pics!!


  2. Oh my goodness... for a moment, with the very first photo... I thought you had painted your cabinets!!! Your kitchen is gorgeous, your take is amazing... and you, my friend, are simply fabulous! Love it!

  3. Oh yeah, I'm drooling too! BTW I love Moscato! Thanks for stopping by,your blog is great.

  4. Yep,go ahead and scootch over. I need to share your drool pan. The first two images especially.

  5. Yes, yes i did! :)
    These are amazing pictures! Thanks for sharing. I love all of them, especially in LOVELOVELOVE with the hardwood floors from the first picture!!! Hearts in my eyes! -Mika


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