Friday, February 22, 2013

Praise The Lord... 14.2"

This is just a little post of thanks.
We are snowed in, and couldn't be more thrilled!

I heard someone say the other day that there are 3 year olds living here who've still not seen a true thunderstorm.

I don't know exactly how long this drought in the midwest has lasted, but that assessment sounded about right.

It's been dry here.
Exceptionally DRY!

This is what the pond behind our house looked like at the beginning of the week.

Dried up, and thirsting for water!

And Praise the Lord, we got some!

to be exact.

Just thought I'd share some answer to prayer with you all!

We could still use more.
But I'm amazingly grateful for this 14.2" gift we've been given!

Thank you Lord!!


  1. Hi Jeannine! I'm not sure how much we got, but it was quite a bit. We're on our second snow day in a row. The kids are thrilled! And I have to be honest, the thunder snow scared me a little bit at first, before I realized what it was. I thought maybe there was a freight train coming or NEVER thunders when it's snowing! Anyway, so glad for the moisture! Stay warm!


  2. ♪♫ Hallelujah! ♪♫

  3. Praise Him more, Sweetheart, because you've got another possibly 15" moving your way tomorrow night into Monday!!! Stay safe!


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