Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Tree Chalkboard

Earlier this week I showed you my Christmas Kitchen and promised I'd give the details on my Christmas Tree Chalkboard.

So here goes...

In case you're wondering, the font Nest of Posies used is Things We Said 

Some of you may have seen the wildly popular Christmas Chalkboard Printables by Nest of Posies that have been floating around the interwebs the last few weeks.

I saw them, I loved them, I had inspiration!

The way the letters were laid out just screamed "Christmas Tree". 
So I went with it.

After free-handing the letters and Christmas Tree, I had this squatty weird topped tree that was just pathetic.
(sorry, no pics of that, it was just too sad)

So I messed and fussed, wiped and re-drew and came up with what you see here.
The tree looked better, but to get the right proportions I ran out of room for the top.

Now we all know that old saying "Necessity is the mother of invention", and boy was it true here.

Had I not had an unfinished chalkboard tree, it would never have dawned on me to take that wonderfully sparkly STAR ornament off my real tree and use it here.

I'm so glad I did, cuz I love it!!!

The day after I finished the design (and a few hours before my house was to be filled with party-goers) I was teasing Mr. Concrete about how "if I only had some fishing line and a little more time, I'd hang some ornaments on that silly tree".

I expected to hear, and see, the usual.

You know, the eye rolling and admonishments about "going overboard".
But instead, Mr. Concrete spoke words of genius.

"Why don't you just use hot glue."


Yes, I tested it. The hot glue is easily removed from the chalkboard with no damage.

And hot glue I did.

Five minutes later I had a Chalkboard Christmas Tree complete with topper and ornaments!

I gotta hand it to him.
Some times Mr. Concrete simply out does himself!

Merry Christmas my lovelies, hope you have a wonderful day!!

(For a few tips on chalkboard writing, see my post HERE.)

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  1. Love this! So cute and the ornaments and star are such a great idea :)
    PS did you change your header? Looking good!

  2. Jeannine, I love your cute! Thank you for sharing this at the Open House party. Happy Holidays.

  3. Looking at this, I think you could also have these ornaments strung together by threading something like a pretty ribbon or something tinselish back and forth through the tops of the ornaments. Just a thought. :0)

  4. This looks awesome! Love it!

  5. super cute! and I never would have known you ran out of room at the top and didn't do it on purpose if you hadn't said so :)

  6. What a wonderful idea! Love the star at the top. Brilliant idea! Merry Christmas!

  7. So beautiful! It makes me want to make/buy a chalkboard just so I could do this. Hot glue was genius! :-)

  8. your free hand looks amazing. i need to work on my skills. love it!

  9. This is fabulously creative -I love it! I am featuring this on my Saturday Holiday faves-Have a great weekend- Claire

  10. This is so great, adding the ornaments was definitely not going overboard, it's just the perfect finishing touch to tie in the star on top. Gorgeous!

  11. This is awesome Jeannine! You did a great job with the chalkboard lettering-that is tricky business:)If you find a sec this weekend, I would love to have you share at Get Schooled Saturday at Too Much Time On My Hands.

  12. this is AMAZING! you did such a great job & free hand! wow! looks fantastic.

    thanks for the shout out! MERRY CHRISTMAS!


  13. I love this! Clever idea. You have inspired me for next year, thank you!

  14. Adorable and I love the ornaments you added! I'm totally addicted to chalkboards and changing ours out with holidays or special events. This is such great inspiration to me!!

  15. You have some of the best projects! Thanks for sharing at the party. I am featuring your chalkboard tree on my fb page tonight.
    :) Samantha @ Crafty Texas Girls

  16. Love it! Pinned it to my "Chalkboard Love" board. Thanks for sharing at the Creative Corner Blog Hop.

    Holly's Stamping Addiction

  17. This is amazing!! Thanks for sharing at Pin It Thursday, I featured you here

  18. As before, VERY SWEET! thank you for linking it up at .

  19. Oh my goodness, I thought I had left a comment for you on this! You are such a talented artist, and I LOVE that you turned a mistake into a winner. I would have just erased the whole thing and started over, but it wouldn't have been nearly as cute. Who thinks of things like that?? Only very talented people, apparently. And the ornaments are a great touch. It all turned out really great, and I'm sure we'll see similar ideas popping up all over the place because of it!

  20. Very cool - and original!
    I will be featuring this project!
    Thanks for linking up!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  21. Hi, beautiful pics thanks for sharing.

    concretor toowoomba

  22. Thanks so much for linking to Make the Scene Monday @ Alderberry Hill. You are being featured later this evening!
    Have a fantastic new year!


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