Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas Kitchen

I've been called a "Scrooge" in the past.
It may be my refusal to listen to Christmas music prior to Thanksgiving.
Or, it could have been the year I waited till the 15th of December to put up our tree.
Whatever the reason, I don't think the title applies this year.

I feel the need to warn you up front.
This post is definitely gonna end up in the "pic overload" category.

In the six months I've been blogging, not once have I showed you guys even one complete room in my house.
I promised to in the post about my Painted Hearth Room Curtain.
But I never delivered.

Look closely and you'll see why...

Aren't you all shocked I haven't even STARTED painting that second curtain?
Yeah, you're figuring me out.
No surprises here, I'm L-A-Z-Y!!

But I'm gonna show you my Hearth room today (and a bit of the kitchen/dining as well. to be honest, it's all just the kitchen. I just enjoy saying "Hearth Room", makes me feel all cozy and pompous) all dec'd out for Christmas.

Are you ready?

Here it comes.

Christmas at The Concrete Cottage!!!
(a.k.a. photos ad nauseum)


Now let's head over to the table and check out this poor little over-worked moose.

Not only does he have to contend with being a rest stop for that ungrateful bird.
But some mean, slave driving wench decided he had to go and pull a sleigh that was three times his size!

Poor little guy!
Someone oughta find that nutty decorator and let her have it!

Now check out the item I spent hours hunting for until I found the PERFECT design.
Only to be told "we can't do it"!

I wanted one of those wood range hoods that go all the way down to the counter top.
You know, like this one HERE.

But alas, they told me it couldn't be done.
Something about fire code and cabinet clearance and the wider cook top we bought at the last minute after we'd already ordered the cabinets that are now too close together so the house might burn down if I have it the way I really want it and now I wanna cry because it all has to be redesigned FIASCO!!

(Wow, run-on sentence much!)

But I'm over that now.
And I do truly adore how it turned out.
Despite the initial horrors hiccups during construction.

And really, I have zero right to complain.


Any woman whose laziness is indulged to the point that they no longer have to walk the two steps from the sink to the stove with a full pot of water should never complain about anything again.

I apologize.

I promise there will be NO MORE complaining.
At least not today.

Thanks so much for taking a little mini tour of my kitchen.
Come back later this week and I'll show you a bit more detail on my Christmas Tree Chalkboard.
It's quite possibly my most-favoritist-chalkboard ever!

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  1. Your house is gorgeous, and my kitchen is so small that all I have to do is turn around to fill my pots, lol. So I'm way jealous of your no step filling!!!

  2. Ok...let's try this again!

    Cute as always! You always know how to put the little things in that make it look so great. How did this gene miss me and hit you?

  3. It's lovely! And I procrastinate so much on my own stuff it's not even funny! So no worries about the unpainted curtain! And the fact that you have a pot filler is definitely a reason to NOT complain! I want one so bad!
    We will be heading your way in a couple weeks - Christmas at my Sister's this year since they just made the trip in here for our Grandmas funeral! I'll be thinking of you when we come through Wichita!!!

  4. It is all so pretty and festive!

  5. Your decorations look so pretty and festive. You've done a wonderful job arranging everything.

  6. Your house is gorgeous! I love your decorations! Stopping by from a linky party! I love your blog and excited to be a new follower! I hope you will stop by my site if you get a chance!


  7. Love your mantel, love the whole room, it's a room that you just want to walk into and stand and feel the ambiance of Christmas beauty. Thanks for sharing. Very inspiring too! :)]

    philippines homes

  8. I love your decor. and that pot filler is one of the neatest ideas I've ever heard of.

  9. You have a beautiful home filled with Christmas warmth. Your kitchen is fabulous! Hopping over from make the scene Monday Hugs

  10. Hi, visiting thru the Dedicated House - you have a lovely mantel and hearth! I esp. love the little elf Santa helpers! too cute.

  11. That is indeed a lot of pictures, and nope. None would ever have guessed that you've been called the Scrooge before! Looks all lovely.

    Thank you for linking it up at the linky party at


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