Sunday, November 18, 2012

My Thanksgiving Chalkboard

Decorating for Fall is just something that's not happening this year.

Thanksgiving is this week.
I'm hosting. 
My poor family...

There will be a deliciously fried Turkey by Mr. Concrete (it's already thawing).
Loads of wonderfully tasty treats provided by my mom, sister and yours truly.
And I know we'll be having a fabulous time no matter what...

But my sweet family will be dining in semi-chaos!

Windows with half painted (and un-ironed) curtains. 
Homeless knick knacks scattered in every corner. 
Piles of half completed projects.
A laundry room nightmare I'm not currently discussing.
And a dog with a decidedly strange (unfinished) haircut.

In repayment for dealing with all that craziness, I decided to provide at least one festive item for their viewing enjoyment. (I'm counting on it's powers of distraction!)

I've seen several tutorials using chalk to trace letters, but it was Rachel's tutorial at Holy Craft that got me revved up to try this today. Thanks Rachel!!

I only have two teensy weensy tips to share with you that I've found helpful when playing with my chalkboard...

If you want bright white lines, get your chalk wet.
Wrap it in a wet paper towel, hold it under running water or dunk it in a bowl of H2O.
Any and all of 'em work just fine!

Second tip... Q-Tips!
Get 'em wet and use 'em like an eraser.
Works like a charm!

Once I had the wording all chalked in, I added all the extras: pumpkins, leaves, fruit, wheat, etc., free hand (with a bit of inspiration from HERE).

I probably shouldn't mention that the little mess in the upper right corner was supposed to be either an orange or a small pumpkin surrounded by Maple leaves and acorns.
The longer I stare at it though, the more it really just looks like Holly leaves and an ornament.

Grrrr... this was supposed to be Thanksgiving, not Christmas!

Oh well. 
Pretend I didn't say anything and we can all just agree it's a Pumpkin/Orangey thing.


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  1. You know, the decorations are always a plus, {lol I have actually had guest who don't notice them} however that is not what it's about. This is when it's most important to look at what really matter in life; our family, our health, the roof over our heads. Everything else loses its sparkle. If we had an option between all of the family being together and a perfectly clean house I'm sure we will pick family every time. Love the chalkboard and great tips.

  2. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! Jeannine, that chalkboard is seriously amazing! I can't believe you did that! I had no idea you were such an artist. Wow wow and WOW! That's just crazy. Makes me want to go out and buy a chalk board!

  3. This turned out awesome! Love the pumpkins...especially the orange/pumpkiny/holly one :)

  4. Jeannine,

    Thanks for the tips on the chalk art! I have been wanting to try this for some time! The q-tip idea is brilliant!


  5. This is really a work of art. Shame it has to be erased someday!

  6. That is super cute! I love it! I'm getting ready to try my hand at some chalk board art!

  7. Gorgeous lady!!!! You are SOOO talented!! Love it! (Ps... I highly doubt your home is messy... Your homeless trinkets looked perfectly at home when I last visited!) Smooches my friend!

  8. Well done and so pretty! I'm pinning this!

  9. Thanks for the tips!!!
    I did a chalk Santa in my faux fireplace, but never though about water to the chalk or q~tips to erase!
    You can see the fireplace here

  10. Beautiful! Pinning and sharing on FB and Twitter, have a wonderful Thanksgiving :)

    xoxo, Tanya

  11. I love this! It is so cute and a great decor idea. Thanks for sharing it at my party! I'm so glad you joined in. Have a great week!
    House on the Way

  12. LOVE your chalk board! I posted "dolled up to the Crafty Texas Girls Party. Following you now. Follow me too at

  13. That is so darn cute! You did a great job. I did one that I may not or may not show on my blog. Who knew drawing with chalk was so hard?

  14. I have been using the Chalk Pens, but this idea is terrific. The lettering is fabulous. I will have to check our the tutorial at the blog you have listed. Happy Thanksgiving!

  15. Hello! Stopping in from DebbieDoos. I love chalkboard art and have an entire Pinterst board devoted to it. This came out lovely, and I would not have noticed the "holly" in the corner, but your comment made me look. I am a new follower on G+.

  16. I love charkboards, but mine never look like that!! :) It looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing your tips. Can't wait to try it out.

  17. Thanks for sharing your great chalkboard at my party. Stop by tomorrow to see it featured! I'd love for you to grab my new button too! Have a great week!
    House on the Way

  18. Jeannine, that IS the best FALL decoration EVER. You did great.
    I hope/trust you had a great thanksgiving.

    Do stop by tomorrow at our latest linky party.
    I'd love to see your latest ideas.

  19. Jeannine, LOVE your chalkboard! Thanks for linking to the Open House party and check this week to see the chalkboard featured. Take care.

  20. You did a great job on this, and thanks so much for the tips! I'm sure your family loved it!

  21. Nice work! It looks amazing. And great tips too! Thanks for sharing!


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