Sunday, September 23, 2012

An Itty Bitty Update, My Wish List and My ADD Brain!

There is a distinct possibility that I may finish painting my craft / laundry room cabinets today.
You might remember, I briefly mentioned this project here when I told you about the many projects I had going at the time.
Well they're still going...

Now let me clarify.
'Cause I wouldn't want y'all to get the wrong idea or anything.
Just because I finish them, does not mean you can expect to see a completed project any time soon.

Let's be realistic.
We haven't even bought the countertops yet.
And you definitely don't wanna see the current condition of the room they're destined for!
Oh, you do wanna see?
You sure??
Don't say I didn't warn you.

Horrifying Laundry Room Mess!

I can't believe I just showed you that.
But I'm keepin' it real today at the Cottage.
It's how I roll.

Speaking of projects I need want to do...

I have a list.
It's a To Do list and a Wish List all in one.
Wanna see that too?

Yeah, I'll probably never get it all done.
Especially since I've been adding to it way faster than I've been taking away.

Take the last two items for example.
I added them today.
I really blame Pinterest.
It's not my fault!

I mean who wouldn't want a shelf full of DIY Letter Blocks? 

Source: Thistlewood Farms

And it would be completely unrealistic to assume that after seeing this amazing Felt Flower Pouf that I wouldn't want to make one myself.

Source: Me Oh My!

And after looking at my list, I see that it would also be completely unrealistic to assume that I could spell the word "flower" correctly.
Nothin' but perfection here at the Cottage.

Now aren't you pleased you got such an up close and personal look at how my jumbled mind operates on this lovely Sunday afternoon?!? 


  1. well it makes me feel a little better about my own ADD mind!

  2. I have a list just like that and it seems to grow like a weed daily! Thanks for keeping it real!

  3. Yea, Pinterest is killing me!! I finally had to make an entire tabbed page on my blog just to organize my list!!! I probably shouldn't have put it on my blog since my husband is a reader and when he sees that list, he'll flip! As it is now, everytime mention ANYTHING DIY or crafty both my husband and my son roll their eyes and tell me I already have enough. And the hubby is started to wine about how tired he is. Whatever....

  4. Oh, my dear sweet you crack me up. I was wondering what a "Fower" was...and now I know. At least you're making a list. BTW...the cabinets are going to look amazing!!! No wonder it's taking so long. I would LOVE to do this with my kitchen cabinets. One at a time right? HMMM...I think I should take one off and start it now... Don't tell Eric...he might not approve!!!

  5. Of course, these things would be totally reasonable and perfectly normal to add to an ever-growing 'to do' it!

  6. Always good to have a list. I need to get off this computer and start organizing. Who messes things up around here?


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