Thursday, June 28, 2012

Vanity Makeover with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

I have to start this post with a HUGE THANK YOU to all you wonderful people out there in blog land. I've had so many visits, comments and absolutely fantastic features in the 3 short weeks since I published my first post! You guys certainly know how to make a newbie blogger feel giddy and welcome!!

{Now back to our regularly scheduled programing...}

My beautiful baby girl is growing up.
Yep, somehow she managed to go and turn 16 on me.
I'm not exactly sure how I got old enough to have a child who's 16, but there it is...

So, for her lovely Sweet 16, she decided there was only one thing she wanted.

A new vanity.

Now mind you, the girl's not what I'd call vain.
I think she was just really, really, really tired of doing her hair and make-up on the floor! 

Surprisingly, her only other request was that she wanted it to look chippy and old. 


She's got great taste just like ME!! I was so pleased to find she's takes after me in her decor tastes... 

So, off I went, in search of a perfectly nasty piece of junk to turn into a beautiful Sweet 16 Gift.

Didn't take long to spot it sitting there waiting for me at the D.A.V. 
Who cares about the peeling veneer and missing hardware! 
So it's got some bumps and bruises, that's why I like it!

And this is her friend I found sitting in the next room...

As this was a PBP (PreBlogProject) I apparently failed to snap a before pic of the sweet little chair I found at our local ReStore. 
You all would have loved the orange striped velour seat! Such a pity... 

With my furniture pieces all collected, I locked myself in our Safe Room (yeah, I know what you're thinking, the whole house is concrete, why an extra safe room? Married to Mr. Concrete here!! Trust me, this is the house you wanna be in if there's a tornado!) to paint away from prying birthday eyes.

And paint I did.
With Annie Sloan Chalk Paint I might add!! (Old White)
My first time.
It was awesome!!

I'm pretty sure I got a little high while I was waxing in here with no ventilation, but it was worth it. 
I had to snap a few pics even before I moved it to her room!

My 9 year old son and I snuck it in her room after she got on the bus the morning of her birthday.

I used a tutorial from One Nutty Girl to get an old farm table look on the vanity top.

{UPDATE: It's been brought to my attention that the link to One Nutty Girl is no longer working. So let me see if I can remember the technique I used on this table top. Bare with me, it's been well over a year!
I know I watered down Old White ASCP till it was just about the consistency of water. I used a chip brush (natural bristle brush) and brushed this watery mixture on going with the grain of the wood. I think I let it sit for a minute or so then started wiping it off, also going with the grain. Then once it was dry, I added a thin layer of clear AS wax and then immediately added random spots of the AS dark wax. The dark wax was added also with a chip brush with just a slight amount on the end of the bristles. Once both waxes were applied, I used a soft cloth to rub it all over the table top. You can also rub off any additional wax you don't like or add more dark wax if it suits your taste. I think I even had areas I started over on and added more of the paint mixture then waxed again. I truly hope I remembered all this correctly... eek!}

I desperately wanted this fabric for the chair, but it was $24 per yard. Wouldn't ya know it, they had just enough for what I needed in the remnant bin. $4 baby!!

Love all the little details!

These handles are so fun! Gotta love Hobby Lobby!!!

Who doesn't need a foot rest?!?

She definitely uses it! 
So glad I went with Contact Paper to line the drawers instead of the fabric I'd originally intended. 
Much easier for her to clean up her make-up spills.

She loves it, so I couldn't be more thrilled with how it turned out!

Happy Sweet 16 to my beautiful Morgan, (way back in March) I love you!!


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  1. Hi Jeannine---what a awesome job on the vanity!! And, I cannot believe you have only been blogging 3 wks?!?? Very impressive....I dream of blogging & you've inspired me to get myself in gear!! Your latest follower (over from MMS)...Blessings!

    1. You are so sweet! What a fantastic compliment... I can't think of anything better I'd like to hear about my blog than that it's been an inspiration!! I thought about this whole bloggy thing for a while too, even got it all set up and ready to go in April, but still didn't do it. Finally kicked myself in the rear and got it done and I'm glad I did.
      Let me know when you've got yours up and running, I'd love to be a follower!!
      Have a great weekend!

  2. At my count you have been featured on 12...let me say that again T-W-E-L-V-E...blogs!!! Is my count accurate? Way to go Lil' Sis!!!

    1. Well, if you don't count the one that happened before I started blogging. Silhouette America blog... but now I just sound like I'm showing off!
      In all seriousness, I'm so incredibly grateful! How blessed am I!!!

      ~ Your Baby Sis :)

  3. This is beautiful! I found you through A Vintage Fairy. I'm your newest follower!

  4. I love how this turned out !
    New follower, Francine

  5. Just beautiful! I'm sure your daughter will enjoy this for many years to come. I found you at DIY Project Parade, I'm now a follower and would love to have you stop by and visit when you have a minute. I just picked up a vanity with a stool at an auction on Friday night to re-do. Can't wait to get started! Blessings ~ Judy

  6. This is a lovely transformation! Wow! You did an amazing job painting this! The fabric was a great score too! I know your daughter loves her new vanity! I'm now following! I look forward to more inspirational posts!

  7. Looks great! Very cute!


  8. This is so adorable! I always wanted a vanity growing up! We are your newest follower. We would love if you would check out our blog!

  9. love the makeover, and the red on the chair makes the whole thing pop. i would love to feature it, if this would be ok with you please let me know

  10. Excellent job! I still have not tried Annie Sloane chalk paint. I think I would like old white too.

  11. I would love to have this vanity in my room! :) I just love me a distressed paint and this is distressed to perfection. Well done!

    Hugs, Angie

  12. Gorgeous did a fantastic job. I LOVE the hardware and the fabric on the chair is very pretty♥

  13. Beatuiful redo. I really love the fabric you chose. Cute red accessories too. Thanks so much for sharing with the newbie party. Please add my link along with the others. thank you.

  14. Wow - what a gteat transformation - New follower here!

  15. That's a mighty cute makeover!


  16. What a terrific transformation! You did a wonderful job. Thanks for sharing on the Creative Corner Hop.

    Cherished Handmade Treasures

  17. Amazing makeover - love all the chippy shabiness, the details and the fabric. Great job !

  18. So sweet, love the fabric, and just the right amount of shabbiest.

  19. Wow....great job. I love that look.

  20. There isn't anything I don't love about this transformation... it turned out beautifully!

  21. Hi Jeannine,
    I'm visiting from Primp and really had to leave a comment.
    Your transformation is amazing and I'm literally drooling over yor dauther's new vanity. I'm a ASCP newie but I'm already loving it, and looking at the stunning final piece you achieved I'm loving it even more.
    both the chair and the mirror are beautiful beyond words.


  22. Looks amazing!! Old White is one of my favorite ASCP colors. Followed you from Primp. I'm your newest follower. Nice job. Dee from My Painted Stuff.

  23. You deserve all that reconigntion you are AWESOME!!!

    Ok.. so... I want that vanity!!!! LOVE how it turned out!! Love the vintage feel!!

    Question... is Annie Sloan paint only for making furniture look vintage? I have two desk here that I need to paint.. but my daughter doesn't want the vintage look. HOWEVER I want to paint it without sanding off the clear varnish...

    Thanks for sharing at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality! :)

  24. This is BEAUTIFUL! Would love to have one just like it! Your daughter is a lucky girl:)

  25. Jeannine, what a lovely transformation you did for Morgan, it looks beautiful, and I understand why she likes it so much. It's a total masterpiece, thank you for sharing it, as Laura said, your daughter is a lucky girl.

  26. Wow, it's gorgeous! And what a wonderful birtday gift! I bet Morgan is thrilled!

  27. I Love, love your transformation! I am now your newest follower. I would love if you followed me at

  28. Your vanity is beautiful! I love the new look you gave it! Thanks for linking up this week!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  29. Absolutely amazing! Boy, you are one talented mom.

    Thank you for linking it up at our party at

    Looking forward to your contributions again tomorrow, when a new party will open.

    Have a creative day,
    ~ Rose

  30. Such a great project and post.
    I have painted for years but never tried the chalk paint.
    It's definitely on my to do list!

  31. Just perfect! You are being featured this evening at Alderberry Hill!

  32. Love the finish on your vanity. I have a couple of projects lined up to use annie sloan paint, be very happy if they turn out as well as yours. Would love to know how you achieved the timber finish. Would you be able to give some tips as the one nutty girls blog appears to be down.

    1. Sorry it's taken me a few weeks to get back with you. I had to try to remember how I did this.
      I've added additional info to this post with the details about the table top. You can find it just under the original link for One Nutty Girl. Hope it helps!

      ~ Jeannine

    2. Thanks Jeannine, I thought that maybe how you achieved it. I shall give it a go. Thanks once again.

    3. Love to see your project when you've for it done!!

      ~ Jeannine

  33. I LOVE what you did with this table! I just painted a small dresser in Old White and would love to know how you got the distressed look and the brown to show through - did you use sandpaper and if so do you remember specifically what kind? My dresser was originally a mossy green and I want some of that to show through the white but I'm not sure how to do it. Any advice appreciated!!!

    1. Hi Maria,
      You're a No-Reply Comment Blogger on your email, so I hope you see this here...
      I did use sandpaper. I believe it was a medium grit sanding block if I remember correctly. I know many people will apply paint, wax and then sand (cuts down on the dust) but I didn't. I painted, sanded, then waxed. I just tried to sand the edges and areas that it might have naturally worn with age. Hope that helps!
      ~ Jeannine


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