Sunday, June 10, 2012

There's a Bee in My Wine!

There's a lovely little item that I can guarantee you'll be seeing a lot of if you read this blog. The Silhouette Cameo! If you've never heard of it (is that even possible?), then let me enlighten you. This thing is amazing! 

This little baby can cut paper, vinyl, card stock and even fabric. If you're someone who loves all the Upper Case Living wall art vinyl, then you would love this machine. It will cut out any quote or saying you'd like in any font or size you can dream up. I love, love, love mine!!!!

So now that you've met my current obsession, I want to show you one of the many projects I've done with it.

While hanging out at my parents house a while back, I just happened to be present when someone (maybe me) finished up the last of their jug of wine. I currently have a thing for glass jars, so I stole it they graciously let me have it. Thanks Mom & Dad!

While staring at the empty jug, and pondering what I could do with it, I remembered that Stephanie, at Under the Table and Dreaming, had a post where she decorated a jug similar to mine. Hers had a lovely vintage feel with a fun bee image across the front.

Under the Table and Dreaming

I went back to her website and sure enough, she bought and cut the image with her Silhouette. Now I've never been one to let a good decorating idea go to waste, so of course I copied her!

I downloaded the Bee image {bee_C00002_27011} from the Silhouette Online Store and added some of my own flourish designs.

Once I had the image laid out, I loaded tan vinyl into my Cameo and let it do all the work.

Sorry the above image is so difficult to see, but this is the vinyl just after the Cameo has finished cutting. I have to also beg your pardon for my crappy camera. A much better, high quality one is on my wish list, but I'm not quite there yet.

I peeled off the excess vinyl and then used a pin to weed out the smaller parts. A quick tip for weeding vinyl; if you happen to have access to a 22 gauge needle, such as the kind a nurse would give a shot with, then it works absolutely wonderful for picking out the tiny slivers of vinyl. (Not that I've ever used a needle like that, but it's just a rumor I heard :)

After I finished weeding, I applied transfer paper to the top of the image, peeled the backing off the vinyl and adhered the whole thing to my jug.

I pressed that sucker down as hard as I could with my Pampered Chef scraper (a credit card or your fingers would of course work just as well), then slowly peeled off the transfer paper.

I haven't exactly figured out a real use for this little jug yet, but who said anything that's pretty has to actually function?

And we're all gonna agree in advance that we're not gonna discuss my dust. I will concede the fact that it's there, it looks bad and I'm a lazy housekeeper. Any additional comments on it would just be rubbing it in :)

Hope you guys enjoyed this little mini tutorial as much as I enjoyed making it! 


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  1. I know I'm biased since I'm your sister and all...but you are quite amusing. This is definitely your niche! I look forward to the day when I have MY silhouette and can follow and duplicate your lovely my own way of course!!! the way...I GET THE NEXT WINE BOTTLE!!!

    Tee Hee!!! Gotta love me!

  2. What a great tutorial! I really, really need a Cameo of my very own!

  3. That is just beautiful! You made a boring jug cute as can BEE!!!Love it!
    Thanks for linking up this week!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  4. I love this!! You're definately off to a great start in blogland:) I look forward to seeing more.

    P.s. I found you through Twigg Studios blog hop.

  5. I have had a cutter on my wish list for a few years and now I really really really want one! I love the little bug jug! Right now I have a thing for birds...maybe I can get my cutter and find me a little birdie

    adorable photo of you and the kiddos there in the background (former professional photographer here, I notice photographs)

    New follower.....found you through Funky Junk Interiors.

    Misty In WV

  6. This is beautiful! I have to get one of these! I've never done this type of craft and had no idea that there were things that did this. Guess I better come out from under my paint can and start expanding my horizons! Love your blog!

  7. We had a slightly bigger glass jug growing up. We used it for collecting change. Just a thought, I love the design. So cute!

  8. Found your blog through the Silhouette Blog. Do you LOVE this machine?!?! :). Mine was a birthday gift and I am out of control with ideas and projects. Perhaps I'll get a few of them on my own blog! Going to follow you, as you have great ideas!!!! Plus it's great to "meet" a fellow Silhouette lover!!!
    Lori @

  9. I am so sorry to keep pestering you with questions BUT with your Cameo and the software that came with you have to purchase anything additional to use designs and fonts? I noticed you used your own embellishments but their design. I am considering buying another get rid of this cricut once and for all. I am on the fence with the Cameo and Boss Kuts Gazelle. Thank you so much

    1. Pester away! I don't mind :)
      And nope, I didn't buy anything additional. There are many designs you can buy at the Silhouette Online Store, generally $.99 each, and the machine comes with a $10 gift card to get you started. I think I've only bought 3 designs from them since I got it, the Bee above included (using my gift card, so I actually haven't spent anything). The software has a trace feature, so any design or picture that's on your computer can be turned into a cuttable (is that a word?) design. And it cuts any font that's loaded on your computer.

      ~ Jeannine

  10. The dust is my favorite part. Just kidding. I love the jug! But I also love that you are a real person with dust in your house. Now who's doing the stalking?


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