Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Dear Coffee Sign and a Pie-in-the-Sky Dream

Several months ago, I posted about my chalkboard art inspired by our love for coffee. I have to say, it was uber simple, but turned out to be one of my all time favorites. Thus, when it came time to change up the chalkboard design, the thought of losing that art forever kinda made me wanna cry big sloppy tears. What's a girl to do? Make a sign!

Lately I've really been taken with creating signs. I'm not sure what it is about them, but I just truly enjoy the entire process. (except maybe the sanding, never liked sanding) So obviously it made sense to make my chalk art into a permanent sign.

And if you read the title of this little post, you see I also mentioned a little (ok, big) dream I have brewing in the brain. Whether it's coincidence or by design, I keep running across sayings, pics, posts, etc. talking about taking a risk to change your life. Pursuing the thing you day dream about in your free time, 'cuz those are the things you're really passionate about. 

Well I'm a nurse by trade, but if any of those things are true, what I'm passionate about is design, DIY, creating a space that just feels "right" to live in. So my pie in the sky dream is to some day be able to do that full time. 

I made a step towards that dream last week when I posted a pic of this sign on Instagram and offered several of them up for sale. And you know what happened? 

They ALL sold!! 

Most of them within the first few hours!

I feel so blessed to have such a lovely community of friends I've never met! You guys are making me think that if I just keep working hard, someday my dream can be a reality.

So thanks big huge bunches to all of you out there who love this home styling thing as much as I do, those of you who maybe aren't as obsessed as me, but still come back to listen to me ramble, and to those of you supporting the hand made business. I know you pay more for something created by hand, but you can rest assured, there's a whole lotta love going into every minute, hour and saw dust covered drop of sweat that goes into these creations!

I love you big, big bunches!!!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Painted Lawn Stars

As it's the 1st of June, I thought I'd re-share a post from last 4th of July. Mr. Concrete and I came up with the idea for our painted lawn stars on the spur of the moment, and completed it the morning of the 4th.

This year I wanted to give everyone a bit more time to plan this out just incase you want to have the most patriotic lawn in the neighborhood!


This entire project took about 30 minutes from beginning to end.

A piece of old cardboard with a star cut out, some construction marking spray paint and lots of family on the front lawn.

We made the star outlines by painting around the star that was cut out of our cardboard stencil.

It was fun, it was fast and it was very patriotic!

Oh, and here's a Pinteresty pic if you're so inclined...

(Just wanna say, that I've had several questions since I last posted this about the paint harming or killing the grass. I now have proof that there were absolutely no ill effects from the stars. As soon as the grass grew out, we mowed it off and the grass was exactly as before. This paint is made for grass!!!)

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Giant Balloons with Party Tassels

Hey guys, I'm sharing today at Tiny Prints Blog.  Head on over for all the details on how I made these balloons float without spending money on expensive helium.

While you're there, if you haven't had a chance to spend some time on their blog you've gotta check them out. So many great party ideas by so many great bloggers!! 

See ya there!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

DIY Glam Graduation Party

My baby girl graduated from High School people!!

I don't know where the time went, but it's so exciting watching them grow and become young adults.

To celebrate this big occasion, I threw her the party she requested. A little bit of sparkle, Tiffany blue and glam.

The entire thing was done with a mixture of love and lots of DIY.

Here's the results!!

The center cupcake stand was made from one of my dinner plates hot glued to a bowl turned upside down. The smaller stands are decorative wooden circles from Michael's glued to several different kinds of candle holders and then painted white. 

Cupcake wrappers and flags were cut out of glittery scrapbook paper. The flags were hot glued to lollipop sticks.

I purchased $2 frames from Michael's and printed out my daughter's Senior pictures on my home printer. I scattered these around the room allowing guests to see additional photos from her shoot.

Glitter letters were made by painting Mod Podge on paper mache numbers, dumping glitter all over them, then when that dried, coating them with clear sealant spray to limit the "glitter infestation" that would inevitably happen without it.

I had 4 of her Senior Photos printed out and hung across the mantle with polka dot garland for fun. We ran a slide show throughout the party of pics from her entire life. It was a HUGE hit!!

These are the pics that I hung from the mantle. Sophie B Photography did an amazing job on all her photos! I especially loved these pics that show the progression of her blowing glitter out of her hands. We had so much fun that day!!

Oh, and I almost forgot the little front door decoration. It was simple, quick and fun.

The empty wall behind my couch got a paint job in white, (yeah!!) and dressed up with a beautiful senior photo and lettering.

The letters were all cut out of gold poster board found at Hobby Lobby. I cut them all using my Silhouette, and was even able to use my 12"x24" Silhouette mat to cut the M and G. They are tacked to the wall with removable poster board sticky.

I had tassel garland hanging throughout. It was DIY'd from tissue paper and hung on twine.
My favorite decoration though was by far the giant balloons!! They were utterly amazing to look at, and added such a fun addition to the decor. 
I decided the amount of money it would've taken me to fill all of them with helium was way more than my budget allowed. So you guessed it, I DIY'd a way to make them stay up without it. I'll be sharing how I did it very soon on a post at Tiny Prints Blog. Stay tuned for that, and I'll make sure to let you all know when it's live. {it's live, see the full DIY HERE

Well I think that about covers it. I hope you enjoyed checking out my girl's party even half as much as I did creating it for her!! 

Monday, May 19, 2014

What Happens When a Blogger Disappears for Two Months

If you haven't figured it out already, let me clue you in.
I'm a terrible, awful blogger.
Yep, no question about it.
If you've been around here for long, then you've probably already noticed that I get really good at sharing with you guys for a few weeks, then I disappear for a month or more. 

I'm sorry!!

Life just keeps happening, then a few weeks go by and I ask myself how to tell you all what's been going on and I can't decide the best way to do that, and while I'm thinking about it another week goes by, and another, and before you know it, it's been well over 2 months since we've chatted.
So ya, you know what…
I'm a terrible blogger!

So I'm here today to give you a quick run down of life since my last post in March.

I've been crazy busy with this.

That's my Morgan, the blondie with glasses in the middle. She graduated from High School last Tuesday.

And that's her just before the ceremony getting her most requested ever gift. A Mac Book for college.

Then we also had Senior Prom to prep for. She was absolutely stunning in this amazing red gown! I think there should be an entire post with lots of pics, cuz you guys really must see the back of this dress!

We've been attending a lot of this. Kylie {#34 in the middle} hadn't played soccer since she was 8, and was one of only 4 Freshman selected to play on the JV Soccer team. It's been amazing watching her improve.

I designed and created a chalkboard for a friend.

Sophie B Photography did a breath taking job of taking Senior Pictures of my baby girl.

Signs, signs, signs. I love designing and making them, and it may just be a new venture beginning very soon. 
Stay tuned for that...

Invitations from Tiny Prints went out for Graduation.

My Silhouette Cameo was priceless for addressing the envelopes.

I spent a day creating party inserts.

And there's been weeks and weeks of planning, prepping and DIY'ing like a crazy woman for a wonderful Graduation Party we had this past weekend. Much more to follow on that soon.

My mom and I had the fantastic privilege of taking a Mother's Day painting class at All Dolled Up Wichita.

If All Dolled Up sounds familiar to some of you, it's probably because the owner is the amazing Abbe Doll. She's the primary educator for Miss Mustard Seeds Milk Paint. Yes, we are lucky enough to live just miles away from this amazingly talented lady, and we got to meet her and learn from her in person.
Such a fantastic day.

And here's Abbe herself. Just after shaking a paint can whose lid wasn't all the way on. Oops!
But in true Abbe fashion, she handled it with a big sweet smile and a "well I guess I have a new paint shirt" attitude.
Needless to say, we had fun.

Yes, I've also developed quite the Instagram addiction! It seems to be so much easier to take a quick iPhone pic and upload to Instagram then to plan out a blog post. Even so, I'm going to try to do better cuz I miss you guys!
I miss blogging and sharing details of all my little craziness that goes on here. 
So I will. I will do better. 
Just in case though, if you wanna follow along on Instagram, there's a great likelihood you'll get to see much more behind the scenes pics. You can find me at username ConcreteCottage. Plus, there's so many fun people to meet there! You may just find you develop an addiction too.

Ok, I think that's all for today. See you all soon!!